Welcome to Siri & Son Farms

We are a fourth generation family farm based in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley just outside of lively Portland, Oregon. Our produce is grown with great care to guarantee that each crop is of premium flavor and quality. All of our products are grown using sustainable farming practices which not only benefits our health but also our environment.

Four Generations of Family Farming

Farming has been the Siri way of life for many years. We feel that maintaining the connection between consumer and farmer and supporting organic, local, sustainable farms is our best defense for food security.

We are Part of your Community

When you buy local produce, you are supporting the local economy, you are helping to protect local farmland, and you are getting the freshest and most healthful produce for yourself and your family. We believe that if people truly understood and valued where and how their food is grown they would recognize the true difference they could make on our planet.

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